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Come in and see the new Black Forest Chalet

Bright, fresh and outrageously inviting. The Black Forest Chalet is a vacation home to relax, come down and do things you really like to do. Whether with family or friends, comfort and style are paramount here.

The many little things

make us a home

Home at last! But what actually is a home? Is it a place, are they special people, objects or all of the above? This is a question that we have really dealt with intensively.

It's the countless little things that make our chalet a home. Our bedrooms are secluded places to relax. The morning feel-good routine is maintained with two bathrooms.

The spacious living area is the heart of this home. This is where people cook together, laugh heartily or - as we say in Baden - 'gebabbelt'. During our furnishing phase, you were the center of attention.


5-star sleep.

And that every night.

You won't want to check out of here that quickly. When you just need to get out, this bright bedroom with its fresh, soothing hues is the perfect place to relax and dream - day or night.

With our ultra-comfortable beds and soft cotton bedding, built-in reading lamps and tidy surfaces, the result is a hotel-style relaxation space that's chunky, not spackly.

With the blackout curtains, you decide when the day dawns. It's a quiet area, and if you want, you can turn your back on the rest of the troops here and disappear behind the TV. With Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as German cable TV, we offer you plenty of material for this.


Waiting times are

significantly reduced.

Two bathrooms in a two-bedroom apartment is a matter of course for us. With the help of soothing colors and our Alexa, which spreads pleasant music, we create the relaxed mood like in a spa. A modern shower, a washbasin and another toilet help to significantly shorten the morning waiting time.


Star chef or barista -

here everyone comes to his taste

You really like to cook ... Coffee? Or do you like to cook a delicious dish? In this kitchen we strongly recommend you to play the chef, because your assistants are first class: here you cook with induction, a steamer, a warming drawer and the dishwasher is always at your side.

Our kitchen equipment from A-Z

- Coffee machine

- Nespresso coffee maker

- Electric kettle

- Wine fridge with sommelier cutlery and wines from the region

- Steamer

- microwave oven

- Oven

- warming drawer

- Refrigerator with separate freezer

- Induction hob

- dishwasher

- Hand mixer, hand blender, kitchen scales

- Cutlery, pots and all kinds of glasses


fresh air and

entertaining hours

This balcony is just right for cozy evening hours. The 10m long balcony is atmospherically designed with numerous LED solar lights, a comfortable lounge area and many plants. While the night owl makes a last call, relax here to the fullest.


From when is the Black Forest Chalet bookable?

The Black Forest Chalet will replace our Black Forest Suite on October 1, 2022. Here you can already make your booking today.

What bed size is available in the Black Forest Chalet?
Is there an opportunity for a home office?


The floor plan in detail


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