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The suite

Take your time and imagine - if you want to escape your everyday life quickly, we recommend this bright apartment with a spacious south-west facing balcony. Whether sunrise or sunset, life takes place outdoors in nature. 


You can only fall asleep with an exciting thriller? With our smart TV with Netflix and cable TV, we offer you a lot of material. And the elegant box spring bed guarantees you the best dreams.  

Come on I'll show you the suite. 


The bathroom is fresh and open, with all modern conveniences and plenty of storage to boot. This bathroom is equipped with a  modern washer-dryer, a shower, bathtub and a washbasin.

Living room

A spacious living room awaits you in our suite. Lots of daylight, high walls and a cozy ambience - from the balcony you can enjoy a great view of the Black Forest and watch the sun go down. 


Would you like a generous breakfast? So in the kitchen you will find everything you need for this. Pans for the scrambled eggs, an oven for the rolls, a kettle for your tea and then all the dishes disappear in the dishwasher.

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