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The Habitat

We don't have strict time management. Here you determine the start of your morning feel-good routine. No breakfast times and no knock, knock. We call it freedom in your home. 


A super comfortable box spring bed, cozy bed linen and blackout curtains - you can sleep wonderfully here. You can only fall asleep to the gentle sound of rain? No problem, our very well sorted  and digital music collection  will also fulfill this wish. 

Come on I'll show you the habitat. 


Everything has been thought of here - the spacious bathroom offers you plenty of storage space, daylight, a shower and a bathtub. Here you are already showering in anticipation of an eventful day. 

Living room

Coziness is the be-all and end-all for us - in this bright living room you can eat, read or just do nothing together. This is not a hotel room - it is a fully furnished  apartment.


Craving grandma's pasta pan? This kitchen is prepared for pretty much anything. You will recognize that it is a home at the latest from this extensive kitchen equipment. We have people who stay a little longer and we are prepared for that. 

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