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B for beginning.

I am standing in the living room of the new Black Forest Chalet. With my index finger on my chin, I walk from one corner to the next. My forehead wrinkles are clearly pronounced - my gaze seems critical to astonished. It's clear that this flat is going to be something very special - but what do I make of it?

Every flat in the Batschari Palais is different - there is no flat that is 1:1 the same. Each has its own floor plan, which we first look at together.

Floor plan Schwarzwald Chalet

The absolute highlight of this flat are the 4m high walls. In the living room there are two large windows facing the balcony - with a south-western orientation. The living room could host the Vienna Opera Ball - at least I would have enough space to dance.

While I have taken a seat on the parquet floor, I turn my gaze towards the kitchen. It bothers me that this room seems so deserted. If four people want to cook together here, this wall has to go. A loft character - conversations should take place here, no matter where you move or chill in the room.

It's that quick. The kitchen is free-standing and blends in perfectly with the large living room. Part of the kitchen was painted in a concrete look. The beam facing the kitchen is now a visual eye-catcher. Numerous more sockets had to be laid for the new kitchen and somehow everything looks like a big building site.

The large living room now looks even bigger and we can move the dining table closer to the kitchen. Especially in such a large room, you need several living islands that have to be clearly recognisable. That will be a challenge - because I want to create a cosy living space.

In the meantime, I have finished my first digital draft of the living room.

We create three well-being landscapes - in front of the balcony the seating lounge, on the right side a corner for reading or a workplace, towards the kitchen the large dining table.

And the next idea arose ... The outer wall facing the balcony will be a brick wall. Click here to continue to B for brick wall.


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