We are often asked if we also offer two-bedroom apartments. Unfortunately, we often had to say no to this question, because buying a 3-room apartment in this old cigarette factory is not that easy. 

No more, because we finally have a 3-room apartment in the Batschari Palais and the keys will be handed over on January 1, 2022. 

October 2021

November 2021

Waiting for the new apartment is quite nerve-wracking. The delivery times for the kitchen and furniture and the full order books of the craftsmen are giving us quite a headache. I believe that I can now recite the floor plan with all its dimensions by heart.

We've just come from the furniture store. The kitchen is ordered.

With a modern Bora extractor, cooking odors are eliminated quietly and without leaving any residue. Sounds like an advertising text from the manufacturer.


There are days when I just don't feel like spending money, but today was unexpectedly different:  

We offer regional wines in our holiday apartments. It has often bothered me that the wine is stored without refrigeration. This is being rethought with the new chalet: wine fridge with a sommelier drawer. 

Oven, microwave - both devices at a perfect working height. The coffee machine right next to it. 

The waste drawer opens with a kick and the large refrigerator will please every guest. 

Construction site flair in the  Black Forest Chalet.

We report on the creation.

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